Independent Insurance Agent Dave Evans

Dave Evans

Dave is an Arizona native.  He was born in Prescott but has lived in Mesa most of his life.  He is a graduate of Arizona State University.  He is married with three children and five grandchildren.

He has worked solely in the Medicare segment of health insurance for several years.  He spends much of his time educating those becoming Medicare eligible about all of its aspects.  Most find that getting acquainted with Medicare is a confusing task.  He works hard to keep thing simple so that a person can choose their best direction.  Every few weeks, he conducts educational seminars at Mesa libraries.

Dave will review options including Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare prescription drug plans.  If the right approach is using a Medicare Advantage plan, Dave will review all plans that include the client’s physicians and other providers.

He represents all of the major Medicare insurance companies that serve Arizona.