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Medicare Carrier

Signing up and keeping up with your Medicare benefits can be a headache without an insurance professional’s guidance. Medicare is a U.S. national program that was originally founded and managed as part of the Social Security Administration. Today there is a department entitled Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services dedicated to handling the Medicare program. Here at Insurance Professionals of Arizona we are contracted with all the different carriers that offer Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Explained

Medicare is a two-part type of insurance: part A is for Hospital Medicare benefits, and part B is for Medical Medicare benefits. This federally administered medical program is meant to cover over 50 million Americans, ages 65 and over. Certain disabilities and serious health concerns may qualify one for coverage as well and the program helps with related medical expenses. 

There are options to pick from when it comes to your Medicare coverage. Enrolling in Medicare parts A and B can be supplemented with a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan (also known as Medigap) offered by other private insurance companies. These supplemental policies will further protect you from costs regarding deductibles or coinsurance. The CMS takes care of the medicare program’s day-to-day operations meanwhile the Social Security Administration processes initial enrollment of original Medicare.

You can contact Insurance Professionals of Arizona, and we will help guide you with understanding all the different Medicare Carriers that offer Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans (as well as Prescription Drug Plans). Our goal is to help you successfully select the best Medicare options. Do not waste your precious time searching through countless links, sites, and articles for the right Medicare solution. A brief consultation with one of our experienced insurance professionals, and we will be able to find a way to make it work best for you in your situation. 

Steps to Enroll

The first thing you want to do is enroll in Medicare, parts A and B. You can call the Social Security Administration, visit their site online, or check for a local office to visit in person. In some cases, you may be automatically qualified for these benefits if you already receive other benefits like Social Security. However, if you are not already enrolled or receiving these benefits, you may want to contact the Social Security Administration for assistance enrolling in Medicare prior to your 65th birthday. Second, you would need to determine if you require additional coverage like supplemental insurance or an advantage plan for your particular situation. It is important to maintain adequate coverage through an employer or private insurance upon retirement in order to avoid any late enrollment penalty. Call Insurance Professionals of Arizona today if you are confused about these steps or just need some answers to questions regarding Medicare.  We will guide you through the process each step of the way.  And we never charge for our services.

Working With a Medicare Carrier

Medicare carriers aim to be flexible and accessible to consumers for their benefit. These programs are developed to fit in with your healthcare needs. If you have specific medical demands, you can pick a plan that provides the specific services necessary to improve your wellbeing. 

Once you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B, your next step is to determine if you want to enroll in a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.  We will help you decide. Medicare Supplements and Advantage plans (as well as Part D plans) are offered by private insurer companies (like UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Aetna, etc.).  They take on the administrative responsibilities like handling and processing appeals or claims, and contracting health care providers. 

Our trusted team of experienced insurance professionals provides assistance to prospective Medicare applicants and beneficiaries. We start with the basics to show you the different ways we can enhance your coverage. Check out Insurance Professionals of Arizona, where you can find help acquiring the necessary information to make the best choices in selecting a Medicare plan that meets your healthcare needs.

Medicare Information

At its core, Medicare is a federal health insurance program for individuals 65 and older, certain cases of disabilities, and those afflicted by end-stage renal diseases. There are different sections to Medicare that cover a variety of areas and services, for instance: part A covers hospital stays, nursing facility care, and some health care. Meanwhile, part B covers select doctor services, medical supplies, and preventive medicine. These are not the only two parts to Medicare coverage, and with the guidance of a licensed broker at Insurance Professionals of Arizona, you can find additional insurance options through a Medicare Carrier to cover the parts that Original Medicare does not cover.

If you decide you want to stay with Original Medicare and purchase a Supplement, you will not need to get a referral to see specialists, nor will you have to choose a primary care doctor. With Medicare and supplemental coverage, you can rest assured that you will be able to receive health care from any doctor, provider, or hospital that is enrolled in Medicare and currently accepting new patients. Prescription drug costs can be very expensive.  We will help you enroll in the most cost effective plan and provide you with an analysis based on what medications you take and which pharmacy you prefer to use.  

Filing a Claim

Medicare carriers are required by law to process claims and follow strict CMS regulation. They are tasked with reviewing all filed claims and then determine which of them qualify for some kind of reimbursement. The carrier is also in charge of enforcing the payment policies for the regions in its area. Once the review policies are officially established, Medicare claims are individually evaluated to ensure the medical services offered are reasonable and necessary. 

How a Medicare Carrier Can Help You

A carrier is the primary contact between Medicare providers and its beneficiaries. Medicare carriers are government contracted to regional companies, and they work on processing Medicare enrollments and administrative duties for both part A and B policies. Carriers also provide essential information related to medical coverage, billing support, and answers to questions regarding enrollments or any beneficiary inquiry. 

Setting up a personal Medicare plan can be confusing to navigate without an insurance professional to guide you through your available options. The fact that there are so many options means you can design a path that works for you. But you do not have to settle for anything less than you deserve simply because you feel overwhelmed. 

Our team of insurance professionals is committed to providing superior service and instruction. With over 47 years of combined industry experience, Insurance Professionals of Arizona looks forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right Medicare solution for your needs.

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