How to Deal with Medicare Insurance Fraud?

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How to Deal with Medicare Insurance Fraud?

Fighting Medicare Fraud

Every year, billions of dollars are lost to Medicare fraud, abuse, and mistakes. Those lost funds could have been used for immediate benefits such as reduced health care costs and improve the quality of care. Medicare fraud, abuse, and mistakes can be made by one individual, a business, or even large organized crime rings. Due to the complexity of certain fraud schemes, consumers need to be armed with what to look for. This way they can report suspicious activity and help Medicare concentrate its resources to providing the best value standard of care.

Protecting yourself from Medicare fraud

If you want to defend yourself from Medicare fraud, you must first ensure your personal information is protected. Consumers should know that there are con artists looking to rip off their hard earned cash. Protecting your identity can help avoid con artists from causing further damages to you.

Detection of Potential errors and fraud

Disclosing your personal information should only happen when it is necessary. Con artist will try different methods to phish out sensitive information, so you have to make yourself aware of bogus websites.

Suspected fraud, abuse, and errors should be reported

If at any point you suspect that you are facing abuse, errors or fraud you should report it immediately. Taking a step will be essential to help stop anyone else from being effected by fraud.

During Open Enrollment of Medicare, scammers are looking for ways of stealing your identity to misuse it. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you guard your card, which will help protect you from Medicare fraud. Some of the ways you can protect yourself from Medicare fraud include:

  • Protecting the Medicare number like you protect a credit card number
  • Checking thoroughly to ensure your Medicare statement has no errors
  • Do not accept money or gift offers for free medical services
  • If you suspect any form of fraud, you should report immediately.

Between April 2018 and April 2019, Medicare is mailing new Medicare cards. This new card will try and prevent from future fraudulent activities to occur against you. To get your card number, you will not be required to offer anything or produce anything. Also, Medicare will never call and ask for any of your personal information for the renewal of your card.

There are many ways of spotting Medicare fraud and you should always review the claims of your Medicare and if you find anything suspicious, you should report it.

After getting your health services, you should review and check the dates for any mistakes.

Comparing the dates as well as the services on your calendar with Medicare statements will ensure that each service is listed and the details should be correct. If you discover that there are items listed, but you do not have a record, there a possibility the billing took place without you getting any services. If you think there are an incorrect charges, you should call where you got the charges and consult with them. Through them, you will understand the services you got.

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